Even if you’ve penned the next New York Times bestseller, readers won’t even touch it unless your book cover design grabs their attention. So, when you’re lined up on the bookshelf, alongside other titles in your genre, the most important thing you need is a book cover that compels readers to choose your book.

Our award-winning designers create distinctive visuals and enthralling images, captivating readers from the moment they see your book. Let The Book Writing Corp design a book for you that stands out.

Number of Concepts

Three different design concepts.

Dedicated Designers

Dedicated & creative team of illustrators and designers.

Quick Turnaround Times

48 Hours Turnaround Time.


Unlimited Revisions for your writing projects.

Comprehensive E-Book Illustration Styles

We are your reliable illustration style book-writing agency delivering professionally designed illustrations that are innovative and unique in nature.



Fashion Illustration represents a designer's point of view, and we aim to revive this unique art form. Get the 'look' by using the finest fashion and beauty illustrators to create your stylish and original on-trend artwork for your fashion guides. We have the best illustrators from the fashion industry who are aware of the specifications and things that one needs to focus in order to create an attractive fashion illustration. Our goal is to ensure that our fashion illustrations are up to your expectations.



Let nature flourish with beautiful birds, magnificent mammals, reptiles, and domestic animals using one of our animal and wildlife illustrations. With our nature illustrations you can give your audience the best imaginative picture of your book to create in their minds. Our illustrators pay close attention to your given details in order to ensure quality work. We help you in engaging your customers.



Bring your architectural vision of buildings and cityscapes to life using beautiful artwork and precise visual renderings made by our illustrators. We ensure to highlight every minor and major detail to give it the best and most realistic final look. Our creative and experienced illustrators guarantee to deliver what you are expecting.



Children belong to the age group that is always attracted to colorful and creative things. Therefore, giving them a dull or no color book will never help in retaining their interest until you include colorful children illustration. Add soul and enchantment to your children's books with one of our infinitely imaginative children's book illustrators and their vast range of styles.



Conjure the magic, mystique, and mythology of your fantasy narrative using some of the biggest names in fantasy art illustration. Fantasy is one of the most demanded type of genre by book readers. the reason behind that is the creation of amazing yet imaginative characters. Therefore, we ensure to give you the most beautifully designed illustrations.



Delve into a world of delicious food and delicacies through our dedicated illustrations. Convey mouth-watering flavors and innovative ingredients by using one of our superb food artists who bring the best out of fine food. Our expert illustrators can help you attract and crave your customers for your food. We ensure to pay close attention to every detail to guarantee that your food looks as good as it can taste.



When you want clean and clear illustrations, our wide and diverse team of line illustrators and artists know how to make a winning line for a walk. They are fully aware of the type of designs and styles that can be used in the line illustrations. we focus on delivering the clearest to understand and best quality line designs for your project.



Capturing a likeness and getting the message across is a fine art that our outstanding team of portrait artists deliver every time. Our Portrait illustrations are focused on being the exact and same depiction of the character or person you want us to illustrate. Our most experienced illustrators and artist are the best to do this work for you.



Go back in time with one of our talented retro illustrators working in a vast and meticulous range of eras and styles from fine art to poster graphics. Doesn’t matter if you are focused on lifestyle, trends or any other type of arts, our team is capable of catering any type of retro illustrations for you. Our best illustrators can create the most creative and fine quality retro illustrations for you.

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Interior Color Palette & Options

Unleash the true potential of your literary works through visuals and colors.

Standard Black & White

Standard black & white printing for novels, memoirs, and other text-heavy books.

Premium Black & White

Heavy ink coverage great for books with black & white images, graphs, or other graphics.

Standard Color

If your book is predominantly text but has a few color images, standard color is the right option for you.

Premium Color

The best color printing on every page with vibrant colors and heavy ink coverage.

Professionally Designed Book Covers & Engaging Illustrations By Experts

We cater to every requirement relevant to book writing and publishing services. Our illustration services cover all types of illustrations, and regardless of what type of book or genre it has, we will get the work done for you. Our team of creative illustrators comes from extensive experience and is capable of giving the best illustrative representation for your literary works and stories.

  • Custom eBook Cover Design.
  • Image Manipulation.
  • Print Book Cover Design.
  • Original Photography.
  • Illustrated Book Cover Design.

cover design types

Bold typography

Loud, attention-grabbing typography has been on-trend for the past few years and doesn’t show any signs of losing steam.

Minimalist covers

When you want to focus on one central element quiet & purposeful minimalist covers are the best.

Hand-drawn covers

From novels and children’s books to mysteries, illustrated covers have been blowing up for the past few years.

Seventies and eighties designs

Right now, the style of before seventies and eighties is all the rage. It conjures up memories of the past and incites nostalgia for a time when life seemed simpler.

Millennial Pink

Trends in book design tend to percolate over a couple of seasons, until you can’t turn a corner in a bookstore without seeing it everywhere.

Authentic photography

Photography has always been a valuable part of cover design. But for the longest time stock photography battled with a reputation for campy staged quality and over the top emotions

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    Personalize your ghostwriting content as per your needs.

  3. Publish

    Publish your books seamlessly with our dedicated publishing solutions.

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    Analyze your content in real-time and take essential steps before publishing book.

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